Back in 1935, we gracefully started off our business selling kitchen utensils and household equipment under the name, Toko Tian Liong. Our persistence in the business field took us to bigger scale from time to time, to 83 years now. After the long remarkable journey, here we are, still holding the top rank among the hospitality industry, especially Food & Beverages Equipment.

In 1978, after the test of time serving various demands of building commercial kitchen equipment, we evolved from a small-scaled business into a limited company; which we named Keisi Indonesia.

Based in the big capital city Jakarta, Keisi Indonesia marked its portfolios with many succeeded projects from hotels, aero-catering, restaurant, café, convention to entertainment centers. We are not only accommodating the customers’ inquiries from ‘A to Z’ but also giving them a whole after-sales service, including ready-stock spare parts.

Up-close and personal approach has been our ‘habit’ that brings us to successful collaborations with our valued loyal customers. We are committed to specifically and carefully understand upon what our clients need, in order to provide only with the best finished-products. The notable reputation of Keisi Indonesia has also been proven, as it has become the exclusive distributor for premium, recognized European and American-made products.

Our experienced and devoted technical teams are also trained regularly by the commissioner in order to give the best service.

Why Choose KEISI?


Our technicians are certified with international training programs provided by top brands such as Jensen and YPT International Ltd. Each of them is equipped with the best product knowledge started from basic set-up, detail functionality, trouble-shooting to overall maintenance.Some of the training programs are taken in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and many more countries worldwide.


In order to give a perfect feel on the brand as well as the product, we invite our customers involved in our product demonstration which held regularly every week. In this phase, customers are given the chance to feel and sense the product by participating in fun cooking demo with the brand’s experts.


Thanks to all challenges which have brought our team members into the true dedication and professionalism. Keisi is proud of having technicians whom most of the members have worked in the field for at least 10 years. Their experience and commitmentare undeniably the benchmark for service professionalism and dedication.

Personalized Design.

Tell us how you want your business to be or to look like and we will make it into reality. First thing first, our genius drafter team is ready to visualize your dream by turning it into a design, which you would definitely want to see.

Products & Installations.

After our proposed design meets your needs, we will move on to the product selecting, which is including installations. As we are holding the license of more than 60 brands and as a trusted distributor, we are alwas committed to give our customers the best high-quality products.

Guaranteed Maintenance.

Our service does not stop the first time you use the products that we provided. We are completely taking care of anything that our customers will need in the future during the usage.

Ready-Stocked Spare Parts.

In order to guarantee your convenience while using all of the products, we are committed to always put our genuine spare parts in stock for anytime use, any brand.

Our Trusted Brands


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